The moment you walk through Serenity Bridge Yoga Studio in EggHarbor, you will feel a sense of warmth, belonging and peacefulness. Instruction emphasizes breath awareness, mindfulness and conscious movement. The class sizes are small and the space is intimate, so there is a lot of one-on-one attention. The focus is on your experience and the intension is to provide a class in Egg Harbor that inspires you! 

Class Descriptions:


Slow Flow Yoga:  A guided vinyasa yoga practice that moves with the rhythm of your breath and guides you into postures that are held for strengthening and self adjustment.  Class will end with plenty of time for melting into relaxation and self reflection. 

Yin and Restorative Yoga: A  combination class that incorporates both yin and restorative poses. The yin portion of the class will involve poses that are held for three to five minutes in order to allow the surrender to gravity to lengthen the connective tissue around the joints.  The restorative portions uses props to bring you into relaxation and a state of mental calmness.

Gentle Yoga:   A guided mindfulness mobility class that incorporates breath awareness and gentle yoga postures   Focusing movement into the hips, pelvis, spine and neck along with strengthening the core and lengthening  muscles and joints. This class is good for anyone looking to add flexibility, strength and mobility without the vinyasa yoga flow. 


Create your own retreat by setting up a private yoga class at my studio or your home.  A great idea for wedding parties, showers or girl friend get togethers.  Requirement of  5 or more for private group class and the rate is the price of a drop-in.



  Ann Johnson

Serenity Bridge