I was introduced to yoga in my early 20’s as a college student and was inspired by the positive effects it had on my body,  mind, and spirit.  I always seemed to feel stronger, flexible, relaxed, and definitely more grounded in the moment after a class.As I continued to practice later in my life, I felt compelled to share these amazing feelings with others, so I taught myself yoga and began teaching at community centers and churches. For over 10 years of self instruction and teaching, I furthered my education by achieving a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate.The way I teach always seemed to be more spiritual, so it seemed natural to become a Reiki master and allow these skills as a healer to influence my style of teaching.  I have recently completed the Hanna Somatic Exercise Coach Training certificate and I am excited to explore this new skill in movement re-education, and also integrate it into my classes.My instruction tends to be slow flowing with an emphasis on breath and conscious movement.  My intention is that you will leave feeling more grounded in yourself and in the moment.  I hope to cultivate nurturing, balance, and healing.  Often during my sessions, I will offer my wisdom as it reveals itself in hopes that it will help you on your path to self awareness.

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Serenity Bridge Yoga, a place to find your calm....reconnect to the simplicity of life through consciousness of breath and movement


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